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Detour 3: 
The Rain Man

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The Rain Man

In our third Detour episode, we leave the Midwest for Pennsylvania to explore the unnerving tale of a thief who says he can control the rain. It's not just him saying it either. It's his family, his friends, priests, and even the police.

Pit Stop 11:

Beyond The Rain Man

In this Pit Stop episode, we take a closer look at Don Decker from our story 'The Rain Man,' including the validity of his terrifying tale. Be sure to check out 'The Rain Man' first before moving on to this episode. Or don't. It's up to you.

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of the Possession:

  • Don Decker was a Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania resident who asserted that he could cause indoor rainfall. He gained fame after his appearance on the TV program “Unsolved Mysteries” in 1988.

  • Decker said his power emerged in February 1983, when he was on a leave from jail to attend his grandfather’s funeral. He stated his grandfather had mistreated him as a child, and he felt a sense of peace after his death.

  • However, he also had a weird vision of an old man wearing a crown and discovered scratches on his arms that he blamed on Satan.

  • Decker lodged with his friends Bob and Jeannie Keiffer, who saw water leaking from the ceiling, walls, and floor of their home.

  • They contacted their landlord, Ron Van Why, and the police, who also observed the phenomenon. They noticed that Decker appeared to be in a trance and that the rain ceased when he left the home.

  • The rain also accompanied him to a nearby pizzeria, where the owner, Pam Scrofano, attempted to exorcise him with a crucifix.

  • Decker claimed he felt a force dominating him, and that he could make objects move with his mind. He also alleged that the rain was a sign of "God’s anger" and that he was selected to be a prophet.

  • Decker’s case was examined by several paranormal experts, who gave different explanations. Some implied that he was possessed by a demon, or that he had a poltergeist activity related to his emotional trauma. Others suggested that he had psychokinetic abilities, or that he was a hoaxer who used water hoses or sprinklers to create the impression of rain. 

Pit Stop 11:

Beyond The Rain Man

You can check out the Don Decker "Unsolved Mysteries" episode here. If you like it, be sure to sub the show on YouTube and tell them we sent ya. 

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